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I've been entrepreneur since 2006 because I wanted control over my life and time and to travel the world. Since then I have dedicated my life to helping people how to escape the rat race for good.


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I have many years of experience trading in the Stock and Options market (Options trading) and Forex Currency Exchange Market.

Since founding Future Success, I have developed a series of Options trading and Forex trading courses and workshops suitable for anyone interested in taking control over their time by becoming a full time stock market and Forex entrepreneurs.

As a financial freedom coach I inspire individuals and help them map out what they really want to achieve in their family, professional and business lives.

My passion is about empowering you to reach your life long goals... financial freedom, peace of mind and prosperity

Through persistence, determination and willingness to break free from what we've being taught at school to get a JOB, I've being able to successfully become financially free and retired from a JOB.

Daniel Dwase, Founder

Daniel Dwase is a global stock market investor, educator, global keynote speaker, financial freedom and wealth mentor.

He has been an active Options trader in the stock market for 7 years and today, he is passionate about educating people on how to use a little known secret strategy the super-rich have been keeping a secret through share renting in the stock market.

He is also the founder of OptionsPay and runs live trading seminars throughout the year and provides the ideal beginners online training program at www.OptionsPay.com

He has a 98% success rate teaching people how to generate monthly income from home without selling anything to anyone in just 10 clicks of the mouse. He has coached hundreds of people who have made 5 figure incomes from all over the world working from home.

His vision is to help people, just like you, achieve financial freedom and happiness.

He is an accomplished author of... The 5 And 5 Plan: A New Way to Achieve Financial Freedom and Retire Rich Through Share Renting".

He was financially free and was able to retire from working for someone at the age of 23.

For more information on how to become financially free please contact us here.

To your wealth and success,

Daniel Dwase
Financial Freedom Coach
Future Success

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