The Billionaire's Code:
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Daniel D Dwase Billionaires Code Book

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At first glance, billionaires don't seem to have much in common... some buy stocks and whole companies and says their favourite holding period for investments is "forever."

Some became billionaires by making huge leveraged trades in stocks and currencies. Others buy controlling stakes in public companies and badgers management to sell assets, buy back shares and do everything to realize hidden value.

But the world’s most successful billionaire investors do have some traits in common; a few core investing ideas that helped make them billionaires. They all used the “Billionaire’s Code”.

The “Billionaire’s Code” is a code anyone can use to build mega-wealth and live a lasting legacy. The code is an incredible financial secret and wealth-building strategy not known to many.

Albert Einstein was amazed by the Billionaire’s code and referred to it as "the greatest mathematical discovery of all time and the eighth wonder of the world".

He went on to say “he who understands it, earns it... he who doesn't... pays it". Einstein clearly understood the power of the “Billionaires Code” when he made the quote above, yet few people either fail to take advantage of the code or simply lack understanding of it.

In this book Daniel D. Dwase will show you how to harness the power of the “Billionaire’s Code”. You will discover...

  • Secrets of the billionaire mind
  • How to start small, dream big and realise your dreams
  • Essential steps to building great wealth
  • The secrets of the golden bucket
  • The best wealth building strategy known to man
  • Secrets of the 10 most successful self-made billionaire investors
  • How to use the billionaire’s code to turn $5,000 into $22 million
  • The most powerful force in finance.

Daniel will also help you sift through massive technical information and present you with nuggets of wealth-building wisdom to create long-lasting wealth, accompanied by peace of mind and fulfilment.

This book will reveal the code that billionaire’s understand and use to their great advantage. The “Billionaire’s Code” can be used by absolutely anyone to achieve long-term wealth and success in life.

In the “Billionaires Code”, Daniel shares a whole new way of building wealth that some of the wealthiest families in the world have used. Filled with in–depth insights and practical advice, the “Billionaire’s Code” will clearly show you how to create a personal road map for wealth and success. Uncover the secrets of your personal wealth code with this groundbreaking book.

About the Author

Daniel D. Dwase Book Daniel D. Dwase is a well respected stock and forex market educator and wealth mentor who is financially independent since the age of 23. He is also the author of two best-selling books ‘The Silent Millionaire - Escape The 9-5 Grind. Join The New Rich. Live Anywhere... Trading & Investing’ and ‘The 5 And 5 Plan - A New Way To Achieve Financial Freedom And Retire Rich Through Share Renting’.

It’s Daniel’s mission to empower people around the world to become financially free and create wealth. Daniel teaches stock market and forex trading & investing techniques in a simple way which takes just 10 minutes a day maximum to trade.

Daniel believes that anyone can become financially free and go on to create wealth if they have the basic tools to do so and not have to worry about money ever again.

Daniel is also a dynamic, entertaining and inspiring speaker who excels at delivering top-quality information in an easy to understand way. Daniel conducts popular investment workshops all over the world.

Only £19.99
(Plus £1.99 P&P)

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