Total Financial Freedom:
Being Debt Free With
Some Money To Invest

Total Financial Freedom...

Do you think that financial freedom is merely a dream that could not be a reality for you?


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Total Financial Freedom
If you have not yet achieved total financial freedom, do not be contented of where you are right now because you can still achieve more.

If you want to be out of debt, retire with enough money to spend for a yearly grand vacation, or live a life that is free of a financial liability then this is the right time for you to look for ways to achieve total financial freedom.

The principles behind achieving total financial freedom have been already discussed over and over yet only a few people had the courage to follow through with it.

There is no secret, the only thing that you need is self-discipline.

If you are one of the people who have read through the principles and the characteristics that you should process to be financially stable then reading another principle based articles won't do anything for you.

However, here are steps that you can follow through...

Step 1

Get a pen and paper and write down your total monthly earnings. At the other column you also need to write down your expenses.

Make sure that you do not forget to write everything down including your snack time budget even if it's just a pound or two.

Find the difference between your monthly income and your monthly expenses.

Do you still have some money left? If yes, then good. Of no, you will have to reduce your expenses or find another source of income to keep up.

Step 2

Determine how much monthly savings you can afford to make and put it in your savings account. Your monthly allotment for your savings deposit should be a fixed amount.

If you have decided to deposit £200 into your savings every month then do so.

Never reduce your savings because you used the money to spend on something else.

If you make cutting your savings a habit then you'll lose the habit of saving.

Alternate Step 2

If you do not have any money left to save then reduce your expenses. Cut on the expenses that you really do not need.

If you cannot afford to do this then reduce your budget for each so that you'll still have some money left for savings.

Step 3

Look for a business that you can invest in or look for a way for you to have passive income. If you are fond of writing then write a book and earn from it.

If you think that you are good at something then write about tips and advice on how this something could be done.

You can sell it as an ebook and earn. You can also invest your money in a solid business. However, do not put all of your savings into it.

Just take a portion and save the rest.

Step 4

Control your habit of spending. If you are an impulsive buyer, get rid of the impulsiveness.

If you are the type who buys expensive gadgets, talk yourself out of buying the latest mobile because yours is just a year old. Discipline yourself!

Remember that you hold the key to your total financial freedom!

You have a choice to either live a life away from liability or live a life in poverty. You decide!

If you are serious about being totally financially free, download our secret step-by-step recipe to success that shows you how to make £500-£1,000 per week in passive income all without selling, recruiting or having to have a website.

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